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Medicaid Planning, Trusts, Wills, & Powers of Attorney

Planning for long-term care expenses is difficult, time consuming, and confusing. You need an elder law attorney. At Fortified Elder Law, we specialize in Medicaid planning and long-term care planning for the future and for people and families in immediate need of assistance, also known as “Medicaid crisis planning.” With the proper estate planning (Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Medicaid planning advice), Fortified Elder Law can protect your hard earned life’s savings from being drained by the Nursing Home or being taken by the state. If a loved one is soon to be or is already in the nursing home, we can typically save everything to a healthy spouse or preserve half of your nest egg to your family. We seek to empower our clients to protect their legacy AND their future.

Did you know: Having the right estate planning documents while you are living is just as important as having the right paperwork for when you pass away? For example, everyone needs a General Durable Power of Attorney (also known as a Financial Power of Attorney) and a Health Care Power of Attorney (sometimes combined with a Living Will or Advanced Directive). This is especially important for senior citizens that are concerned with the costs of long-term care and high costs of care. These documents could be the difference in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars preserved for your care and comfort OR for your family.

Our Services

Emergency Nursing Home and Crisis Medicaid Planning

How to pay for the nursing home may keep you up at night, but we have answers. If a loved one is currently in or is needing to go into a nursing home, Fortified Elder Law can typically help save all assets to a healthy spouse or about half to a client’s family. This is a complicated process that requires an expert elder law attorney. If you’re considering applying for Medicaid, doing a Division of Assets, or a “spend down,” it’s best to reach out to our firm for advice before you apply. We can help!

Wills & Trusts

Wills and trusts are tools to ensure that your affairs are properly wound up once you pass away. Through proper estate planning, our firm can help ensure that your things and funds pass to who you want in the least expensive and least stressful manner.


Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Probate court is there to determine where a deceased person’s things are supposed to go. It’s incredibly important to seek the advice of an attorney well before the year anniversary of a person’s death. Probate is stressful, but we can help ease that burden.

Powers of Attorney

Are you above the age of 18? Then you are in need of Powers of Attorney, both General Durable (financial) and Healthcare. Powers of Attorney allow your family to get things done without having to involve the court down the road and are the most important piece of a quality estate plan.

Have you been told that your spouse needs to go into a nursing home? Have you been told that you will need to file for a division of assets? Did someone say that you will have to get a divorce to qualify for Medicaid benefits? Have you been told that you will need a spend down to qualify for Medicaid? Have you been denied for Vendor MO HealthNet or recieved a transfer penalty and don’t know why? Contact Fortified Elder Law today.